4/52 Week Challenge - Research Update

Just wanted to tell you that I have been doing research for the comic and that I'm not slacking off yet. That is all. Here is a me not slacking off.

Ahhhh yes. That sir. Is the blank stare of productivity.

Hope you like,

Oh, your still here. Guess I'll explain then. I want the comic to be very story driven and character driven and by that I mean I want the visuals to represent what is needed for the story or the character development and not the other ways around. Where I make a bunch of designs and try to shoehorn them into the story. I think that's best and besides, the concept sketches were basically me just doodling for a while and I think this is a tad more structured.

I will also be doing daily sketches for @Sketch_Dailies so there will still be a good amount of art to fill the gaps in the meantime.

Hope you like, for reals this time,

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