winterfair 08

starting to get really bored of winter fair, every year the same drawings. Funny lama, cow ass sleeping sheep and a new reason for the hoody sheep. My creativity stagnates.


Well this is the dream isn't it :)
The story behind this: I took a draftsmanship class (imaging systems) a while back and i found out recently from my roommate that the drawings i did in the class are now examples on the handout. After seeing the handout i found out that i had not one, but TWO! drawings on the page. So yea, I'm quite pleased :)


spidey-mans!!! this is as far as i take the clean up. Next time I'll remember that it takes to long to do it by hand.

sketch 1

The first part of my sketch book. The summer was a lot of mall drawing. More later, this took too long.