Victorian story development

Second year story development adaptation of Edward Allen Poe's "Last Breath". A story about a man who "loses his breath", which here means, loses his soul or life and goes through the story being somewhat hilariously killed over and over again. Due to the particular requirements of the project the story became muddied with love interests, villain and comedic character when the original had all these simplified in the main character.

Scarecrow Character development

Shutter Story Development

The story development of "shutter" my third year group film where, despite our best efforts, was not our best first try. This shows my different takes on the possible characters from the usual heroes and heroines and monsters to a mock version poking fun of the cliche.

Vexed story development

This was some of the development art on my fist idea for my fourth year film. It started off as a story about a fairy tale world that contained the book of itself. The controller of the book would be the controller of the world. The main characters being a "diver goblin" and something of an "Alice" character who must protect the book from the "Hag" (creature of nightmares, reason for night terrors). There are other goblins and creatures resembling pure innocent goodness but the story was too complicated to do as a short so it was abandoned, not to mention the fact it became completely muddied by the end.

Avarice Armadillo

I was trying not to do the obvious and do armor. I'm gonna try using painter on the next one... makes a great wallpaper though this isn't the full size :/

Armored Aardvark

This is part if my animal series of artwork I'm going to be working on along side contract work. I've planned out the alphabet with these and a few for each so it should keep me busy for quite a while as long as I have time to do them, which sadly, I do.

So the game concepts I was working on back in the day seem to have their own design splash page now. I understand that more artwork and the like will start popping up here as they become available. Can't say too much about the project but it was a lot of fun to work on, lots of scope and imagination and I can only hope I can go back to work on it some more or on some other titles. Check it out.



Scarecrows (Scarecrow) on NEWGROUNDS!

I finished reconfiguring the file to go up on newgrounds. It's got a few new things in it but the quality is bad because it needs to fit in this new flash dynamic, which it was started in but has gravitated away from as I used other programs as a crutch. Anyways, do check it as I think it doing well on here would do me more good then it's popularity anywhere else.



Scarecrow (Final version)

Final put up the final version.

Tattoo Design

A tattoo design for a friend of a friend. It's Sweet read backwards and forwards. About an hour of total work.


Heres a little animationy thing I did last week... Uhhhh... I think you get the point. Heres the link. The site is for a small theater group/ school (get it... PEANUT GALLeRY!). I was gonna lip sync them and that's why they don't dance as much as act to the lyrics but I haven't been able to figure out flash's inability to export synced Audio. I mean there's gotta be a way or th internet as we know it wouldn't work but I haven't figured it out. So anyways check it out


were gonna call this a "rough" cause I really don't like the colors. They were just slaped on and flash does not allow for much adjustment after the fact. I'll go back on this and fix it up till it's good but that story, my friends, is for another day.

Oh right... This was/ is a drawing test sample for "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", for the ipad.

Old Timey Kal

This will be the character model of myself for the intro/ header bar for the blog. It's gonna be old timey and tv sit come inspired so theres a lot of tv themes and that what I'm thinking of making the them of the blog, sitcom/ tv ... stuff. The layout right now is so I have a base to work off of because I don't think I'm supposed to be able to do what i intend to do with the site, which probably means I'm simply going to fail at the attempt but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored and I wanna draw; work on something :/

Also, the animated version is probably not going to have line weight. That took much longer than I think it really needed but we'll see, it should only be a dozen or so drawings *shrug*

Some more scarecrow comps

Heres the final laouts of the film as well as the promotional poster. If you look carefully in the corner of the layouts theres the screenshots. I could give you more than this but I don't want to. Go see the film! should be making it's way into film festivals in a few months or so :D

learning experience

this was a freelance deal that took more time then I planned on taking away from my film but I ended up learning some new stuff so I guess it worked out in the end.
Progress reel from... like a month ago. I'm on cleanup now so I should be done that by the end of march... hopefully :/

Yay! Ninja Turtle colors!... I think the warm pallet is working the best. It will contrast in the predominantly blue color scheme of their scenes. I was working this out in photoshop so I didn't get to fiddle with any line color yet.

Don't try to wrap your head around how the pans work... there have been casualties. Gonna try to incorporate everything into a WIP reel for tomorrow. But now its more slacking :D

All but the last two layouts are roughed out. For some reason I can't seem to upload the 14th layout, hopefully the files not corrupt in a way that makes it unusable. I love How I only really did one cloud scape and reused it almost every time. I finished these days ago but have been slacking off ever since. The last Two layouts are the first and last and subsequently the most important and most ambitious scenes in the film, hard to find the gumption to finish thoughs

man, the layouts are just getting crappier and crappier and darker and darker. Mayer I should do the opening and ending layouts now before this gets much worse. these are the next four but ones a colour card so I wasn't about to put that up... it's pretty though

started getting lazy near the end of the day otherwise i would have done more. Not bad for an hour or two each. At this rate I should have the first pass of layouts done by the end of the week.