Yay! Ninja Turtle colors!... I think the warm pallet is working the best. It will contrast in the predominantly blue color scheme of their scenes. I was working this out in photoshop so I didn't get to fiddle with any line color yet.

Don't try to wrap your head around how the pans work... there have been casualties. Gonna try to incorporate everything into a WIP reel for tomorrow. But now its more slacking :D

All but the last two layouts are roughed out. For some reason I can't seem to upload the 14th layout, hopefully the files not corrupt in a way that makes it unusable. I love How I only really did one cloud scape and reused it almost every time. I finished these days ago but have been slacking off ever since. The last Two layouts are the first and last and subsequently the most important and most ambitious scenes in the film, hard to find the gumption to finish thoughs

man, the layouts are just getting crappier and crappier and darker and darker. Mayer I should do the opening and ending layouts now before this gets much worse. these are the next four but ones a colour card so I wasn't about to put that up... it's pretty though

started getting lazy near the end of the day otherwise i would have done more. Not bad for an hour or two each. At this rate I should have the first pass of layouts done by the end of the week.