Victorian story development

Second year story development adaptation of Edward Allen Poe's "Last Breath". A story about a man who "loses his breath", which here means, loses his soul or life and goes through the story being somewhat hilariously killed over and over again. Due to the particular requirements of the project the story became muddied with love interests, villain and comedic character when the original had all these simplified in the main character.

Scarecrow Character development

Shutter Story Development

The story development of "shutter" my third year group film where, despite our best efforts, was not our best first try. This shows my different takes on the possible characters from the usual heroes and heroines and monsters to a mock version poking fun of the cliche.

Vexed story development

This was some of the development art on my fist idea for my fourth year film. It started off as a story about a fairy tale world that contained the book of itself. The controller of the book would be the controller of the world. The main characters being a "diver goblin" and something of an "Alice" character who must protect the book from the "Hag" (creature of nightmares, reason for night terrors). There are other goblins and creatures resembling pure innocent goodness but the story was too complicated to do as a short so it was abandoned, not to mention the fact it became completely muddied by the end.