1/52 Week Chalange - Intro

A few friends and I are starting a "52 Week Challenge". The idea being that we a re all getting behind on the things we would actually want to achieve in life and in a move to change all that or to start moving in the right direction we're all going to start on this challenge.


The way it works is you take whatever it is you want to see yourself doing or something you just want to improve upon and your going to do a blog post every week in that direction, that's it pretty much. You can set your own time frame because there's no set amount of work every week but at least something is getting done! If you want in, let me know so I can hassle you to get thing done. FYI, this is NOT a "resolution" because those suck and don't work. This is a plan.

As For Me

I am going to be working on a comic or some sort of narrative project for the challenge. I have a few general concepts but I need to figure out which one I'm going to stick with and which one will "hold the most water" in the long term. As I don't have a project yet, the challenge will consist of blog post on the development and creation of a comic every week and then at some point, a page a week from the comic or whatever the cuss.

This should have actually started in the first week of January but I was pretty sick at that time and traveling around visiting relatives, so I'm starting it now and trying to make up for lost time. Seems weird to not have a picture with this post on my "Art Blog" so here's a chicken duck...

I created a new signature here! What do you think?!

Hope you like,


  1. Kal this bird is awesome! I love the watercolor splotch behind him.

  2. Kal this bird is awesome! I love the watercolor splotch behind him.