5/52 Week Challenge - More notes and the future

What has been done.

So I've been researching and jotting notes for the comic for a couple of weeks now. The story is become more and more of a story and everything is getting much more fleshed out but everything is still very much just a bunch of loose ideas and notes that I need to connect together. From everything I have read, this is good. "Writing is re-writing" someone important once said and that seems to be true for art, so I'm inclined to believe it.

The notes span 9 pages in 12pt font, I was surprised to find out, and so I thought I would share what the pile of notes look like because it's all I can do for an update. See right...

What's next?

I'm going to be working on nailing down an ending or at least one that I can use for now. The ending is supposed to be one of if not thee hardest things to work out in a story and it's usually recommended to start there, so I will. Then it's on to extruding all the contents of Fathum out of my head in a somewhat linear and narrative form, just get it out there and on paper. This will probably take... a few... weeks but should have the benefit of seeing the whole story at an early stage so that I can get a good idea of what the world and story need to be. What it's themes and characters are and really play them up for all their worth and get rid of anything that doesn't help the story along. That's how riding works, right? Hopefully because it's the way I'm going at it.

Sorry there hasn't been much to any Fathum related artwork but I don't want to shoehorn a character or event in because there were some neat drawings that I did. It would feel out of place. And sorry for the long post. This was as much for my clarification and peace of mind as anyone else's.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kal

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