daily 12/22/2011

So today was supposed to be Shuu Alula but seeing as I don't know who that is, they don't have a blog or a display picture I did one of what I thought "she" (Guessing here) would look like. Yes, I do feel that this person would have a question mark tattooed to their face. Thats just the crazy, off the walls, out of the box thinking I expect from Shuu Alula. I'll do a proper one if they come forward or my minions find out who this is.

Feeling a bit like a cop out so here's the next one in the list. I welcome Sam Ovens of Drunkin' Fish fame to the small rag tag group of followers I have. Another fantastic artist except this one makes things that exist in REAL LIFE, like hates and junk and seeing as it's almost Christmas, hit her up for some commissions.

Your Pal,

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