"Almost Naked Animals" Games

I made some more games! I did these a few months ago, it's 6 mini games around the series "Almost Naked Animals". A lot of the art and animation was already done because it is an existing show but I did do all the graphic design and the art and animation that turns the show into a game. I did not work on anything for the over-world  just the mini games and I haven't gone through the entire world so I don't know if all the mini games are mine but definitively the first few you encounter and it should add up to 7 games in total I worked on.

Later on I will go through and do more of a showcase of the art and animation I made for these but there is a lot to show and I can't be bothered right now.

I suppose I should say, I do not own "Almost Naked Animals" or any of the art and please support the show!

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