Megaman x art

Was trying for a more realistic body proportion thing with him so that say, someone interested in cosplaying him, could do that and still be cool. Hypothetically. 
Thought I would post the better versions of this here since their getting crushed everywhere else.

Curse of Clara Boards

This was a very fun project. Click on the picture to see some scenes I boarded from the short.

Pumpkinberry Berry

My close friend and amazing person #Pumpkinberry has twitch gaming channel and here is a thing for her because I wanted to draw something today (rarity of rarities).

Hope you like,

Walking my lamp in the morning

Walking my new lamp, "Remus"™ in the very early morning.

Bee Tee Dubs I got a greyhound a couple months ago and he recently got some
stitches on his foot because he spassed out and hit a table leg (I assume only saw 
the aftermath). He is fine though and copping with the lamp shade pretty well.

"You know when you start with a small idea and then you overwork it all to hell?" - Me - all the time

Hope you like,

"The Curse of Clara"

I almost forgot to post the actual special. If your in Canada (or wherever else they maybe allowing this to show) you can watch it Here. I will post some of the actual boards I did ounce I confirm that I can do that...

Hope you like,

The Adventures of Napkin Man! - Bad Hair Day/Plaster in Paris - Kids' CBC 1

A musical sequence I animated for "The Adventures of Napkin Man!" A super fun show to work on on with some surprisingly catchy music.

"The Curse of Clara: A Holiday Tale"

Sneak peak on "The Curse of Clara: A holiday Tale" coming to CBC this christmas. I was fortunate enough to get to do some boarding, character posing and animation on it.